A-1840-S Sakura Air Filter

  • Model: A-1840-S Sakura Air Filter

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A-1840-S Sakura Air Filter
Descriptions: Outer Air Element
Use_With: PA2583, PA3896
Fits: Case, Champion, Hitachi, John Deere, Kawasaki, Kobelco,
V.M.E., Volvo Equipment
Replaces: Case 150783A1; Champion 37398; John Deere AT136708;
Kawasaki 30981-70100
O.D.: 10 27/32 (275.4)
I.D.: 15/16 (23.8) & 6 1/2 (165.1)
Length: 20 1/2 (520.7)
A. Gskt.: [1] Attached
F. Gskt.: [1] Included
UPC: 791440020542
We are supplying many kinds of air filters, oil filters, hydraulic filters, lube filters, fuel filters, etc. Including: Caterpillar, Perkins, Fleetguard, Sakura, Parker, Hitachi, Volvo, Jcb, Man, Mann, Hengst, Mitsubishi, Komatsu, etc.

Following are more part number of Sakura filters we are supplying. Please email us if have any inquiry on filters, we will send you our best price in 24 hours expect weekend.

C-5701-1 C-5602 C-2705 C-1822 C-1505 C-1316 C1306 C-1305 C-1304 C-1007 C-5704 C-5706/7 C-5710 C-5808 EF-1801-1 EF2701 EF2702 FC1003 FC1005 FC1008 FC1303 FC2701 FC2703 FC5505 FC-55240 FC-5601 FC5602 FC5606 FC-5608-1 FC-5613 FC-56230 FC56250 FC7903 H2703 H2709 H2719 H2724 H5629 H5643 H5803 H7911 H7923-1 H7981 H8516 HC7901 HC9901 SFC1905 SFC56020 SFC5705 SFC7912-30 WC5711 C1309 C-1312 C-1314 C-1327 C-1403 C-1404 C-1501 C-1502 C-1504 C-1505 C-1506 C1508 C-1511 C1513 C-1514 C-1515 C-1521 C-1522 C-1525 C-1534 C-1538 C-1550 C-1603 C-1606 C-1608 C-1614 C-1615 C-1701 C-1706 C-1711 C-1712 C-1713 C-1714 C-1717 C-1718 C-1803 C-1804 C-1805 C-1807 C-1809 C-1810 C-1812 C-1813 C-1814 C-1815 C-1819 C-1821 C-1822 C-1823 C-1908 C-1918 C-1920 C-1936 C-2103 C-2105 C-2401 C-2510 C-2512 C-2702 C-2705 C-2709[INP] C-2806 C-2807 C-2810 C-2902 C-2906 C-5101 C-5501-1 C-5102 C-5103 C-5105 C-5204 C-5302 C-5501 C-5503 C-5504 C-5505 C-5510 C-5519 C-5602 C-5603 C-5604 C-5701 C-5701-1 C-5701-2 C-5702 C-5702-1 C-5702-2 C-5702-3 C-5702-4 C-5702-5 C-5703 C-5704 C-5704-1 C-5705 C-5706 C-5707 C-5708 C-5710 C-5715 C-5717 C-5718 C-5719 C-5720 C-5724 C-5725 C-5803 C-5808 C-5812 C-5814 C-5816 C-6102 C-6105 C-6202 C-6203 C-6204 C-6210 C-6218 C-6220 C-6805 C-7101 C-7102 C-7105 C-7908 C-7916 C-7921 C-7927 C-7933 C-7942 C-7950 C-7954 C-7961 C-7992 C-8012 C-8030 C-8041 C-1001 C-1002 C-1003 C-1004 C-1006 C-1007 C-1008 C-1009 C-1011 C-1012 C-1013 C-1016 C-1025 C-1028 C-1038 C-1039 C-1045 C-1048 C-1102 C-1105 C-1109 C-1110 C-1111 C-1112 C-1113 C-1118 C-1119 C-1121 C-1139 C-1141 C-1149 C-1153 C-1202 C-1204 C-1204-1 C-1304 C-1305 A-1010 A-1013 A-1015 A-1016 A-1019 A-1019-S A-1020 A-1022 A-1025 A-1029 A-1032 A-1043 A-1044 A-1045 A-1046 A-1047 A-1049 A-1050 A-1053 A-1058 A-1061 A-1065 A-1068 A-1070 A-1078 A-1082 A-1106 A-1112 A-1116 A-1118 A-1123 A-1125 A-1126 A-1128 A-1129 A-1130 A-1138 A-1139 A-1141 A-1143 A-1144 A-1145 A-1147 A-1148 A-1152 A-1157 A-1163 A-1164 A-1165 A-1166 A-1171 A-1173 A-1174 A-1178 A-1180 A-1181 A-1182 A-1186 A-1187 A-1188 A-1189 A-1190 A-1192 A-1193 A-1194 A-1195 A-1196 A-1198 A-1304 A-1305 A-1306 A-1307 A-1309 A-1310 A-1313 A-1410 A-1411 A-1412 A-1414 A-1415 A-1416 A-1421 A-1424 A-1427 A-1510 A-1513 A-1514 A-1608 A-1609 A-1612 A-1613 A-1616 A-1618 A-1619 A-1621 A-1623 A-1638 A-1641 A-1643 A-1644 A-1646 A-1647 A-1655 A-1658 A-1667 A-1701 A-1709 A-1710 A-1713 A-1717 A-1722 A-1723 A-1727 A-1728 A-1730 A-1731 A-1734 A-1742 A-1747 A-1752 A-1753 A-1757 A-1759 A-1762 A-1763 A-1764 A-1767 A-1801 A-1811 A-1812 A-1813 A-1814 A-1816 A-1817 A-1818 A-1821 A-1826 A-1828 A-1831 A-1832 A-1833 A-1836 A-1840S A-1841S A-1845 A-1850 A-1855 A-1856 A-1857 A-1858 A-1862 A-1876 A-2210 A-2222 A-2402 A-2405 A-2406 A-2533 A-2610 A-2611 A*2621 A-2701 A-2702 A-2703 A-2705 A-2706 A-2707-S A-2708